• Lydia Noble

Re-Read Your Vows to Each Other

We recently had a wedding where the bride and groom wrote their own vows and read them aloud during their ceremony. It was wonderful and thoughtful. What was even more thoughtful was when the groom asked us for a few moments after the ceremony to re-read his vows to his wife. Of course, my team absolutely swooned at his request. He told our gang "I want to make sure she really heard me and understands that I mean every word that I just said during our ceremony". It was wonderful! Think about it, during your ceremony, there are so many things happening. Brides often will admit that the didn't fully remember hearing all of the vows because their adrenaline was rushing. This groom fully understood that and made sure that his bride heard his vows on wedding day and we couldn't be any more smitten over it. Good Job, Groom!

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