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A Birthday Gift Guide for the Creative People in Your Life.

A Birthday Gift Guide for the Creative People in Your Life

Creativity is an excellent tonic for combating stress. Entrepreneur magazine reports that the very act of creation can help you redirect and reduce stress by converting negative energy into positive ideas and innovation. So while you’re considering presents to give the birthday boy or girl, remember that the creative soul needs fuel too, and the right gift can inspire just the right idea and unleash a wealth of imagination. Help the creative people in your life unlock their talents with these special gifts.

Digital Sketch Pad

Let’s face it, the days of paper are numbered, or at the very least limited. Even when sketching something on paper there is always a need to digitize it for the purposes of sharing it on social media or other digital avenues. With a variety of options, drawing tablets empower artists to bring their creations to the digital dimension.

Building Blocks

If your loved one is into design or architecture, they might benefit from a set of these to keep the mind busy on quiet nights. With so many options out there, the right building set can get the creative juices flowing for your young architect or budding engineer.

Classic Journal

While we’re in the digital age, the classic journal will never go out of style for the introspective writer. There’s nothing like a handheld journal whose sole function is to record your thoughts and ideas. The legendary Moleskin or a classy leather journal can always hit the right spot. And with a variety of styles to choose from, you sure to find one that fits your creative friend’s personality.

Coloring Books

In this fast-paced world we live in, there’s often a need to step back and return to the basics. Enter the coloring book. Coloring books have been lauded for their calming qualities and ability to help reduce stress; they’re even a great alternative to meditation. Because of this, the world of adult coloring books has grown into a massive trend, one with limitless options. Coloring books are great for the creative mind, as they promote relaxation, calm and reflection.


Everyone with a smartphone has a camera, but for those interested in photography, a DSLR camera can be a good transition into more manually-controlled photography. This is for anyone interested in taking portraits, landscapes or more creative photos where they can exert extra creative control.

Music Instruments

If you know someone who loves music and wants to learn to play an instrument, now’s the perfect time to get them something they’ll appreciate for years to come. Even if you’re simply buying a few replacement parts for an instrument they have (for example, a new mouthpiece for their woodwind or reeds), contributing to their love of music and their desire to learn will make them feel special and let them know you support their endeavor.

Online Classes

For the creative types, there is also a world of instructional videos and online classes that can help the curious learn a new skill. Consider gifting one of these online lessons:

  • Photography

  • Musical Instrument or Voice

  • Video and Picture editing

  • Painting

Other Gifts

If you have an artist to buy for, consider getting a gift that will serve as a tool for furthering their artistic pursuit. These gifts can greatly complement any of the aforementioned gifts.

  • Camera bag

  • Artist easel

  • 3D pen

  • Set of coloring pencils

  • Ceramic painting set

For this next birthday, give the gift of inspiration. The poet Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.” The pursuit of beauty is not only a spiritually rewarding one, but it can reduce stress, calm the spirit and be a gateway to new hobbies and learning experiences. And there’s no better way to show someone you love them than to give them the opportunity to grow, be inspired, learn and create.

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