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Spoiler Alert! She Said Yes!!!!

Approximately six weeks ago, I had a nice man reach out to me and ask if I would help him plan his proposal. I was elated as this is something we don’t get to do offer enough.  The young pediatrician and I met early one morning and he said “I already have the ring...I need it to happen at the Fairhope pier...and I want a flash mob”. Well, I am in the business of saying yes....and “Yes, Sure! Absolutely!!!” Came flying out of my mouth. Well, as soon as he left my office, I found myself questioning myself. “How in the heck do I find a flash mob??”  And the answer came ...Facebook.  I reached out to all my friends and their friends and their friends and so on to see which brave souls would learn a choreographed dance and perform it outside (in the Deep South) in the hottest, muggiest time of the year. Let me tell you, there were a plethora of “brave souls”.  We hired a choreographer (Sterling Event Design) and she led us through every practice. The day of the proposal...the groom to be and I must have texted a thousand times. I really can’t say which of us was more excited. Just Kidding...he had me beat.  Our mob gathered at the pier and he and girlfriend strolled casually toward the marina.  Our mob leader began dancing with a group of Littles and by the 1st chorus of the song as completed...there were 40 adults who had joined in. The couple watched politely and it was only when the groom joined into the dance that his bride to be began to wonder what was up. He participated for. Few measures of the song and then dropped to his knee and asked the most important question of his life. The stunned girlfriend said Yes as she embraced and the mob celebrated in the background. It was absolutely magical! If you wish to view the video, it can be found on our Facebook page, LifeHouse Videography Facebook page, Wendy Wilson Photography’s Website, and of course on You Tube.  Enjoy!

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