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Kiddie Tables

In today’s world, rental companies can provide just about anything to their clients.  We have had fountains delivered for whiskey and nacho cheese.  We have seen more furniture options than we could ever imagine and have even seen floral walls with hands protruding offering the guests a glass of champagne (yes, that is a real thing). So, today let’s chat about the options for the kiddos. So many of our clients opt for a smaller table that is loaded with coloring books and crafts for the Little’s to “enjoy”.  Truth is the Little’s are going to half way color a picture and then take it to Mom for approval. That’s not fun for anyone. Here is what I suggest you speak to your rental companies about....Xbox or whatever gaming systems on huge screens that allow multiple players, dance revolution games, and make your own snocone/ s’mores/whatever stations, and yes wedding day bounce houses (google them- they are cute). Naturally, I would also suggest you hire someone to man these kiddie stations but I promise that if you go a less traditional route...you will not be bothered by little people saying “I’m bored and want to go home”. 

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